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  • Instant & Top Cash

  • Same Day & Doorstep Removal
  • Free Scrap Removals
  • All Brisbane Area

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    We Buy All Scrap Metal in Brisbane and Pay Cash

    We provide top and Instant Cash for Scrap metal in Brisbane and you can get rid of this metal waste. We always offer top money for scrap metal in all suburbs of Brisbane. As we are the number one scrap metal buyers in Brisbane, you can always expect top cash and free removals. Once we get your request our professionals will reach there and provide top cash for scrap metals, white goods, plastics, lead, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, and all types of ferrous, and nonferrous metals. We are the best Scrap Metal Dealers in Brisbane with instant cash and free scrap metal pick up Brisbane providers.

    Benefits of our Cash for Scrap Metal Brisbane Services

    Huge Money for Your Scrap Metals Brisbane

    Sell your scrap Metals for us and get top cash now itself. If you are anywhere in Brisbane, you can contact us by phone or give us an online quote. We sell as well as buy the scrap metals and you can get rid of this waste including catalyst, ferrous and nonferrous metals, aluminum cans, and stainless steel. For what to wait give us a call now itself. Most households, businesses, building sites, farms, and factories have equipment that can be recycled and converted to cash quickly and easily. Some common items we can recycle include:

    • Cars

    • White Goods

    • Steel

    • Stainless Steel

    • Sinks

    • Vehicle Batteries

    • Electrical Cables

    • Copper

    • Brass

    • Lead

    • Aluminium Cans

    • Taps/ Plumbing

    • Guttering

    • Colorbond Fencing

    • Roof Sheeting

    • Pots & Pans

    • Electric Motors

    • Obsolete Farm Items

    • Aluminium

    • Hot Water Systems

    What People Say About Us

    We love our customers and look after them. Ezy Cash For Cars Recommended
    by thousands in all areas of Brisbane.

    Types of Metals We Buy

    The metals we buy include catalytic converters, copper, car batteries, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    aluminium cans

    Aluminum Cans

    aluminium parts


    motor parts

    Electric Motors


    Lead Batteries

    stainless steels

    Stainless Steel

    white parts

    White Goods

    brass materials


    copper things


    steel parts



    Light Gauge



    cash for cars metal parts

    End Of Life Vehicles

    Benefits and Services Provided by us

    • Cash for Aluminium

    • Cash for Scrap metal copper

    • Cash for Gold

    • Cash for Lead

    • Cash for Brass

    • Cash for White Goods
    • Cash for Cans

    • Cash for Containers
    • Cash for Platinum
    • Cash for Stainless Stees
    • Cash for Silver
    • Cash for Batteries
    • Cash for Zinc
    • Cash for Magnesium

    Get Top and Quick Cash For Scrap Metals Brisbane

    cash for aluminium

    Cash for Aluminium cans

    We provide top Cash for Aluminum Cans and Containers on the same day and get our free home pick up facility. we offer genuine cash according to the weight and type of this scrap metals.

    money for copper

    Cash for copper Brisbane

    Get instant Cash for your scrap household copper utensils, scraps, or commercial copper materials by contacting our wrecking team. We recycle and use it to make new materials in the most eco-friendly way.

    cash for goods

    Cash for White Goods

    We accept all types of white materials and scrap things without looking, whether it’s damaged or not. Just give us a call or an online quote. That’s the it-Our team will give you instant and genuine amount for any type of scraps.

    cash for containers

    Cash for Brass and Lead containers

    We provide top Cash for all types of Ferrous and non ferrous metals including cans, containers, commercial materials etc.

    cash for junk vehicles

    What we ask during Wrecking

    • Valid Identity Proof

    • We require you to complete a document between you and our team, if you are having an ABN Address

    • Get your Top Cash & Enjoy free removal

    We won’t Buy Scrap Metals Like

    non metallic materials

    Non Metalic Refuse

    pressure cans

    Pressure Vessels

    poison materials


    radioactive elements


    asbestos building materials


    corrosive elements




    flammable gas


    cash for metal brisbane

    Sell Scrap Metal for Cash in Brisbane Northside & Southside

    If you are having an untidy place due to unwanted scrap metals and you want to get rid of these hoarding Just Contact Ezy Cash for Cars. Our team will reach there and gives you instant and genuine cash which will be more than other competitors provides. As we are the Best Scrap Metal buyers in the town we will remove it for free and you can get rid of these metals.Get top Cash from Scrap Metal Yard Brisbane by availing our services.

    cash for scrap cars

    Get Cash For Your Scrap Today

    Let your scrap metal offer you some bucks without any hassle or headache. Contact us if you are having scraps or shutting down your garages. We offer top cash and best recycling service which supports eco friendly service. You will get top cash according to the weight of metal you have in your hand. We have a very accurate weighbridge to take measurement precisely. Then get your instant cash there itself according to your choice as money or card.

    Call us today at 0499 123 100 and figure out what we can do for our customers.