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  • Same Day & Doorstep Removal
  • Free Car Removal Services
  • Get Up To $15000

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    Best Scrap Car Buyer- Sell Your Car for Cash today

    Ezy Cash for Cars Brisbane is the leading Car Wreckers, offering cash up to $15000 for old, scrap, used, junk, accident, damaged, and any unwanted cars. As we are the most trusted vehicle dealers in Brisbane Northside and Southside, we provide a complete solution to those who are looking for quick cash. We buy used cars, trucks, SUV, 4×4’s, commercial vehicle, ute, Jeep with any conditions for top dollars. Now you can sell your unwanted vehicles without any effort. Yes Just fill out our free online form and we will be at your place as soon as possible to remove your scrap car. Moreover, Our services include the same day, doorstep and free car removal services with instant cash up to $15000. If you search “Sell My Car for Cash Brisbane” then these steps for you.

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    STEP 1

    Get A Free Quote

    You can Call to our number 0499 123 100 or fill our online form to sell your auto

    we remove car as per your convenient time

    STEP 2

    We Schedule Time for You

    We schedule a convenient time for you to remove your used vehicle.

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    STEP 3

    Instant Cash

    Our Wreckers offer top cash on the spot with Free Removals

    Top Cash for Scrap Cars Dealers in Brisbane

    We offer the most convenient cash-for-car service which is easy, fast, and hassle-free to sell junk cars. You will get paid top cash for scrap, junk, used, or unwanted automobiles in any condition. We ensure that you will get service from highly reputable cash for car removals Brisbane Northside and Southside. We have been dealing with unwanted car removal services for many years with an experienced team. Our cash for cars brisbane north process is quick and effortless when you choose us for you can get instant cash for junk cars Brisbane.

    Benefits of Selling Unwanted Cars with Us

    You will get many benefits from us when come to towing services, that are;

    • No matter where you located in Brisbane, we pay instant cash up to $15000.
    • Once you call us to remove your vehicles, we tow your vehicles with free removals.
    • We buy any make, model, age and condition of vehicle whether its working or not.
    • We offer free quotes option, so you just need to fill our quote form as looking for the best cash for cars Brisbane to sell without any hassle.
    • As trusted cash for cars removal Brisbane, we offer instant cash, fast and free removals Brisbane North and South region.

     Car Towing Brisbane– Instant Cash & Free Removals

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    Used and beat up a van

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    A truck that has been ruined in an accident

    cash for unwanted and junk cars brisbane

    Nonfunctioning & Junk cars

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    Wrecked Motorcycle/Cars

    sell my utes for cash brisbane

    Rusted and battered Ute

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    Damaged SUV Car

     We are the reputed and registered car buying company in Brisbane with more than 10 years of experience in the wrecking industry. We have registered with TMR and we have license too.

    Best Cash For Any Cars – Old – Damaged – Accidental – Used – Junk

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    Experienced and professional scrap car Dealers, a one-stop solution for those who are trying to sell unwanted automobiles without any efforts. We are a quick and reliable service provider for Free car removals. We offer our services at Gold coast also. Get top cash for scrap cars gold coast from our wreckers. Are you looking for ‘who pays cash for junk cars near me’? As we already said, we can remove any unwanted vehicles in all suburbs of the city, no issues about your location,  we come to you & buy your cars for top dollars more than you expected.

    Then one major benefit of choosing us, is that you can sell your scrap car anywhere whether home, business premises, or driveway. That’s why we are called a hassle-free car removal company. Our cash for car services is trusted and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Now you’re just one step away to sell your scrapped auto in front of your garage.

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    • Highest Cash Up To $15000

    • Instant Payment for Your Car

    • Same Day Car Removal
    • Doorstep Car Removal Services
    • We Buy Cars, Truck, Van, Ute, 4×4, SUV & More
    • Accept Any Makes, Model, Age and Condition
    • Anywhere in Brisbane North & South.
    • We Buy Any Unwanted Cars (Scrap, Used, Junk, Damaged, Old)
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    Why you should sell Old and Wrecked Cars in Brisbane to Us?

    When you want to sell scrap cars, first of all, make sure the buyer has registered legally. We have the most profitable process to sell a scrap car in Brisbane for those who are planning to sell old or junk vehicles. We have mentioned many ways to get a valuation for your scrap vehicle.

    Firstly, you can come up with all the details and ask for money for cars quickly or call us, our customer service will help you to get a fair price.
    Alternately, our online portal provides an online quote form to get a free quotation.

    We are the reliable and fair price dealer for those who are search for the best way to sell used auto.

    Call us today at 0499 123 100 and figure out what we can do for our customers.

    Get Top Cash For Used Cars Brisbane Now

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    Best Place To Sell Junk Cars for Cash in Brisbane

    At Ezy Cash for Cars, we buy all the vehicles regardless of condition to resell or recycle. You might have many options to sell junk cars but our commitments make it different from others.

    • We never care about the condition whether it is damaged, old, used or junk. We pay cash for junk cars instantly with free car removal services.
    • You can call us for the quick cash for cars Brisbane Southside, Northside or other surrounding areas.
    • No restrictions for any payment methods, as we can pay you by cash, cheque or any other online transactions.

    • You can get instant cash for junk cars Brisbane at doorstep, yes we will come to your location and pick up junk vehicle for the best price.

    • Ezy Cash for Cars is one hassle-free and quick car removal company in North Brisbane as well as South Brisbane, the one-stop solution for your junk and unwanted vehicles.

    Topmost Car Buyer and Free Car Removal Brisbane

    There’s no reason why you should have to wait weeks to get cash for cars. We offer on the spot payment- That’s money will be in your pocket the minute. We tend to build an easy process of cash for old vehicles, so we don’t think there ought to be any problem once it involves receiving your cash.

    If you have a used vehicle on your hands and looking to sell for the best price, then we are the best place to turn scrap or unwanted cars into cash. We have been working in this automobile business for several years, so we know the value of any kind of useless or junk vehicle. Now you can use for the exchange cash for cars services all around the city and claim your rego for cashback.

    Whats things gives worry to you while selling and what things we’ll not be see:

    • Model

    • Make

    • Age

    • Condition

    How To Sell Old Cars for Cash Brisbane

    When you search for ‘cash for damaged cars Brisbane near me’ then we ensure that you are in the right place. Of course, we give you the best solutions to your accident or damaged cars. We have a specialist team to remove scrap cars anywhere in the Brisbane region. Our experts will guide you as top car buyers in Brisbane with the simplest and valuable services. Our car selling process is quick and convenient as compared to other used car dealers in Brisbane.

    We are one of the most preferred dealers who pays top cash on the spot. We are focused on our customer’s needs and requirements. As we work hard according to their satisfaction by finding the best car selling experience with us, so your quest for “Sell my damaged cars” will not get vague.

    Call us to get top dollars by selling your cars

    Submit our online quote form or call us simply to get more benefits by selling your junk or scrap vehicle at the highest amount. As our client, you will be get paid maximum cash for accident cars in Brisbane, without any hassle. So if you want to get rid of junk cars then fill a free quote form, sell with us and get huge cash as soon as possible. Our service is fast, so we never have downtime at your convenience. Find our valuable services and sell junk cars fast, easy and stress-free.

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    What People Say About Us

    We love our customers and look after them.That’s why Recommended
    by thousands.

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    Free Car Removals from Professional Wreckers

    Selling old cars or your unwanted vehicles will make you confuse in finding best used Car buyer in the town. No need for any confusion and stress in finding the most reliable and honest Car Dealers. As we are the best Car Buyer in Brisbane, you can avail our cash for used car services without any troubles.

    Are you wonder about the cash offer and estimate shown by us? No need to doubt it. Because we provide top cash up to 15000$ according to the condition.

    We provide free and quick removal service on the same day itself wherever in Brisbane northside, southern, eastern, and western sides. We won’t care whether your car wherever in the driveway, park, garage, office premises, or wherever It be. We will reach there in time suitable for you and offers you genuine and top cash for used cars Brisbane. We Offer free Old Car removal without any paperwork.

    Ezy Cash for Cars North & South Brisbane services offer hassle-free car removal services which are doorstep car removal, free car removal service, free paperwork, same-day services, instant cash and much more. Why you waste your time thinking about useless vehicles? It gives you top dollars when you choose the right used car dealer. Sell your old car for cash now with our FREE Car Removal Brisbane services. Get Unwanted and Old Car removal Now itself without any stress!

    Ezy Cash for Cars accept your vehicle in any condition, no matter about make, model, year, running condition or not. You get top dollars more than your expectations on the useless vehicles. You can also use us for free scrap car removal in Brisbane to wreck your unwanted vehicle. As a top and trusted cash for car Brisbane, we accept all types of vehicles including 4x4s, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Ute, Jeep, commercial vehicles and all brands of the car including Camry, Audi, Ford, Cross, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Holden, Jeep, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Eclipse, BMW and more.

    Whether you are worried about the paperworks while selling your Old and unwanted cars for Cash in Brisbane? Our main and unique characteristic is that we will reach there within hours on your workplace or in the garage depending where your vehicle is located .We promise quick and instant services and make sure to deliver your cash on the spot. We even purchase all the vehicles that are unwanted, keeping the environment green by recycling or reuse them with the help of latest equipment.

    cash for car removals brisbane qld

    What Car Brands do We Accept?

    We accept these Brands of Cars, Trucks, and Vans

    free car removal brisbane

    As a part of sustainable development, we put forward one step ahead to decrease the exploitation of resources. As today’s generation is overusing every type of natural as well as man-made resources, the coming generation will be on the verge of a shortage of products. So as a part of increasing the reusability and recycling of machine parts our professional team will wreck the vehicle in such a way that its batteries, engine, and all other reusable parts will be dismantled and exhibit for sale. So others in search of any second-hand parts within a low budget can reuse our dismantled parts, which they can collect from our scrap yards. And any other parts that won’t be suitable for reuse will be depleted in a proper way without any issue to the environment. This includes unwanted scrap metals and top metallic portions of the vehicle.

    Accidental and scrap cars in a yard are very much a burden as it’s a waste of space in your Garage. So, if you are residing in Brisbane and thinking of eliminating an unwanted vehicle, then giving it to Car wreckers will be the best option. As they will remove your car freely and offers you top cash for old and scrap cars, it will be a great decision for selling your cars. So the next question that arises in your mind is, to which Used Car Dealer your vehicle should sell. If you are looking for an environment-friendly wrecking service and a profitable deal for your car, opting for Ezy Cash for Cars will be the Best Decision. We collect all unwanted vehicles to our junkyards and then start towing services. Our towing experts will offer top cash for wrecked cars and we propound wrecking service without distracting ecological balance.

    Even if every Car Dealers promise, they provide Free Car Removal service, Some of them will ask for some hidden Charges after removal. For example, they will ask for Technical inspection fees, processing fees, technical inspection fees, administrative fees, etc. So if you are looking for an absolutely free wrecking service you can opt for our Ezy Cash for cars wrecking services. We won’t ask even for a single buck and offers you stress-free car removal services. You can save a lot of money and can get rid of your unwanted vehicle. Call us now itself and get complimentary towing service from us.

    As we offer distinguished car wrecking service with absolutely free offers it will be easy for you to tow away your vehicle. And also, we propound top cash offers up to 15000$, which is around 20% more than other car dealers. No need for you to fill up paperwork and even if you don’t have any rego slips we will accept the vehicles irrespective of their condition. Our recycling service is absolutely environment friendly and we reuse the suitable machine parts of vehicles including batteries and machines. We will sell these as second-hand items and scrap the unwanted metals. Even if your vehicle is crashed or undergone an accident also, it doesn’t matter.

    We pay top cash for your vehicles as it’s profitable both for you as well as for us. It’s profitable for you in the sense as you will get top cash for unwanted vehicles, irrespective of heavy or less. And also you will get enough garage space because of the removal of these rusty cranky cars. It’s profitable for us because we will dismantle this car and recycle it’s useful machine parts with second-hand dealers at a good price. As we are recycling these parts in an eco-friendly manner we can be happy as we also join as a part of sustainable development which is essential in today’s scenario.

    If you are selling your car to our wreckers, we will check the condition. You can sell drivable, nondrivable, rusted, dilapidated, old cars to us. We will check the overall condition of the car and will estimate the market value. You can expect a maximum amount of 15000$ for your damaged and accidental cars. Our offer will be around 20% more than others. If you are having documents, rego slips, legal documents, the working engine you will get high pay. Even if these conditions are opposite also no issues. You will be rewarded with the best pay compared to other dealers if you are selling to us.

        How you can make your vehicle worth more?

    • Every Car Dealers will check whether your vehicle is registered or non-registered

    • They will check whether the vehicle is running or not
    • They will ask about the year, model, and recheck the parts like batteries, engine, etc.
    • They will check the odometer and engine status.
    • Legit Information regarding the vehicle

    • Wreckers will check the tire rims and their status.

    • They will ask about the accidental history of the vehicle.
      So If you want to increase the value of your automobile, just taken care of these points in mind and try to rectify the issues if it’s possible. So that you can expect more amount.

    What kind of cars do we collect?

    We collect all types of unwanted scrap vehicles without looking the condition, year, make and model. Whether it belongs
    to heavy commercial vehicles also, we don’t have no issues.

    accident cars

    Accidental Cars

    If you are having an accidental vehicle also no issues. We will accept automobiles with broken engines, clogged hoses, a broken thermostat, inaccurate odometer, damaged batteries, cracked heat gasket, leaked coolant system, etc. If it’s a life-ending stage also, no need to worry. We are there to pay high cash for your accidental cars.

    free car removal

    Scrap or Old Cars

    We accept all types of scrap and junk cars, which will be a head ache for you. No need to worry about the year and condition. Even if your car is in it’s life-ending stage also no issues. We will accept unwanted vehicles of the nonworking condition also. So if you are looking for top cash, just contact Ezy Cash for Cars now.

    scrap cars

    Commercial Vehicles

    If your Heavy loaded or light loaded Commercial vehicles running out of condition, just contact Ezy Cash for Cars. As we have heavy trucks for towing services it won’t be a great deal for our wreckers. We have more than 20 wrecking experts with 10 years of experience in this industry. They know very well to deal with the paperwork.

    Towing and Cash for Unwanted Cars Brisbane

    We provide the fastest and efficient Car towing service and you no need to bargain with us regarding the amount, as we provide top cash for all types of unwanted vehicles compared to other car buyers in this wrecking industry. Actually, these types of scrap vehicles can be a threat to the environment. So instead of throwing we Ezy Cash for Cars Brisbane will recycle these junk and old cars. Our recyclers will help you to get rid of these vehicles safely from your yard or garage.

    How to Get Top Cash for Scrap Cars Brisbane from Wreckers?

    Even if your automobile will be in the ending of life stage, it can offer you some bucks. So as we said above calling vehicle wreckers will be the suitable choice. The salvage value of an automobile will vary depending on the state as well as the year, make, model, and condition of the car.

    • We can check the retail and wholesale value of a similar vehicle using resource like the National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide.

    • Our wreckers will calculate an approximate percentage of market value that it uses for determining salvage value. Although the percentage can vary, it is typically 75 percent of the market value.

    • Then we will get some approximate value.

    • Then we will Multiply the car’s current market value determined earlier by 0.25 (1.00 minus 0.75) to find its salvage value.

    • The result of this calculation will always be lower than the current market value of the car. If the cost of repairs exceeds this amount, the car is written off as a loss.

    So, after checking with different towing providers you will find Ezy Cash for Cars provide the best offers around 20 % more than other competitors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Old and Scrap Cars are really wastage of space in your garage. And We, Ezy Cash for Cars provide the best and top Cash for your unwanted Cars. Besides this free car removal service is an added merit of our service. So after earning money from this old scrap metal, you can buy a new car in the place of the previous one.

    If you are availing Ezy Cash for Cars Service, Selling your old Car is not at all a constraint. Just contact us at 0499123100 or give an online quote on our website. Our professional Car wreckers will come and evaluate your car instantly. After inspection, they will offer you cash and free pick up service.

    Ezy Cash for Cars is the Best Car Dealer in North and South Brisbane. We offer our services not only in all regions of Brisbane but also in Sydney, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. We are the Licensed and most trusted Car Wreckers in Queensland.

    We are the best Car wreckers in Brisbane and we offer cash starting from 1200$ up to 15000$. And also if you compare with other pre-owned car dealers, we offer money around 20% more than other competitors can offer. That’s why all the customers are satisfied and prefer our service.

    We accept heavy and light weighted vehicles like 4x4s, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Ute, Jeep, commercial vehicles and all brands of the car including Camry, Audi, Ford, Cross, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Holden, Jeep, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Eclipse, BMW, etc.

    We have best-obliged team workers that help to remove your car fast on the same day itself. And also you can expect genuine cash for your old car regardless of its condition, brand, year, make, and model. As up to now, we have more than 1 lakh satisfied customers which are our real treasure

    No, We won’t charge any cash for selling your car to us. And also our removal services are absolutely free of cost. No other Car Dealers in Queensland Can beat our offers for wrecked and old cars.

    Just Your photo id and driver license are required at the time of Car Removal. All other paperwork will be carried out by our professional team workers. The truck facility to remove your car or vehicle will also be provided by us.

    1. First of all, contact us by phone or give an online quote.
    2. Our team will reach there and evaluate your vehicle.
    3. Grab your cash and we will remove the car within 30 minutes.

    No, Ezy Cash for Cars won’t ask for any Rego slips or Registration Based Documents for your Car.All other legal hurdles and procedures will finish from our Team Workers.

    Call us today at 0499 123 100 or fill out free online quote form to know value

    We Accept All Makes and Models